STAINWASHER awakes the eerie and unsettling in ambient-pop single “Chems”

STAINWASHER‘s new track, “Chems,” is out now on Feverish.

Last year, STAINWASHER released her debut EP What Did I See. It was a misty electronic affair, with layers upon layers of synths and heavily modified guitar evoking nervousness and anxiety. But it was a dream-pop record as well, one inspired by the low-key, tranquil feels of The Radio Dept. or The Whitest Boy Alive. The Stockholm-based artist is also a part of Feverish, a label/art collective/promoter/you-name-it that prides itself in going beyond the staleness of the established music industry, existing, as they put it, “for the ones who crave something else”.

And STAINWASHER surely is something else. Her latest single “Chems” is an impeccable song, one that takes the most out-there elements of her previous releases and turns them up to eleven. “Chems” is noticeably influenced by the lethargic sounds of ambient, boasting boundless chains of synthesizers and offering only the most minimal of percussion. There was already a tinge of ambient on What Did I See, especially on the haunting “Joy For Me“, but here it has become the prime dominant force. This is no snoozefest, of course. Her expansive, unrepressed vocals grant “Chems” a hint of the eerie. It is hard to resist the chills by the time they line up with the phantasmagorical synths that loom over her melodies. If you’re looking for someone to write the score for your new horror film, you’d better ring up STAINWASHER. Watch the accompanying visuals, courtesy of Henrik Lennartsson and Ida Lindeskov, below and stream the track in our playlist Best Tracks of 2020.

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