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Sakima fights homophobia in new single “Death Is In The Air”

Since the beginning of his career, artist Sakima has been very open about his sexuality thanks to commmitted political lyrics.

Jesse Saint John MOVE

Jesse Saint John: from popstars collaborator to debut single “MOVE”

We would love to steal Jesse Saint John‘s smartphone to access all his numbers. The artist, who has collaborated with


Los Angeles queer pop duo TWINKIDS release debut EP ‘Boys Love’

Los Angeles-based queer pop duo TWINKIDS just released their debut EP ‘Boys Love’ via Om Records. TWINKIDS is a duo

Charlie Sheena FemmeKraft

Discover queer label FemmeKraft’s first release: Charlie Sheena’s ‘Thot Joose’

Brooklyn DJ and producer Tyler Stone announced on Twitter that something new was coming soon. The queer artist has now


Interview: LGBT movement and feminism with queer band Unstraight

After touring for a while in different prides in the US, queer quartet Unstraight finally satisfied their fans by releasing


⚡ Learning queer history with Brendan Maclean’s NSFW video "House of Air"

By using explicit sexual imageries in his last video “House Of Air,” queer artist Brendan Maclean is pushing the limits

Yo! Sissy Goes Down Under Australia

Queer festival Yo! Sissy goes down under the (Equatorial) belt

Germany’s international queer festival Yo! Sissy goes down under the (Equatorial) belt and proposes an itinerant festival of 6 events

Cakes Da Killa shared 360-degree video for “Been Dat Did That”

VR seems to be future for music videos. Queer rapper Cakes Da Killa shared the video for “Been Dat Did