Arca – Front Load (NSFW)


Arca‘s second album “Mutant” is out today. The Venezuelan producer unveiled a video for “Front Load”, it is following his previous “Vanity” released last week.

Once again, the video is produced by his long time friend and artist Jesse Kanda and as usual, the video is very experimental and strange in a way. But hey! It’s Arca and Jesse’s art (penis).

“Front Load” is the 12th song of the album which includes 20 songs.


His new album “Mutant” is showing more who Arca is on the outside. He’s showing off in a way, he’s confident now. While his debut album “Xen” expressed more what he was hiding in the inside.

PS: “Vanity” just entered our HighClouds30 last week. And something tells me it totally made its way in our charts.

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