Arca – Vanity

Is this porn ? Oh no, this is the video for Arca‘s new single “Vanity” taken from his album “Mutant” due to be released on November 20. The video was directed by Arca himself and Daniel Sannwald

Arca says about the video and song “to softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself”. The art cover that you can see below it was done by Jesse Kanda, who also gave his name to the song “Soichiro“.


The tracklist of “Mutant” is at it follows :

01 Alive
02 Mutant
03 Vanity
04 Sinner
05 Anger
06 Sever
07 Beacon
08 Snakes
09 Else
10 Umbilical
11 Hymn
12 Front Load
13 Gratitude
14 EN
15 Siren
16 Extent
17 Enveloped
18 Faggot
19 Soichiro
20 Peonies

You can pre-order it here and listen to “EN” here

Matias Calderon

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