AyOwA release uplifting choreography for new track “fri”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is much beauty in AyOwA’s latest track titled “fri.” With


Junius Karr creates a transient ending in “Don’t Break Down The Door I’m Still Inside”

Alternative indie artist Junius Karr has created an atmospheric sound in “Don’t Break Down The Door I’m Still Inside.” The


“Love Love Love” by Moullinex is about self expression, dance and love for music

Portuguese DJ and producer Luis Clara Gomes, known as Moullinex, is expressing his love for music in his track titled


Snow Culture completely revamps “Cold” into something dark and unexpected

Inventive artist Snow Culture has completely revamped the original Maroon 5 version of “Cold”. Taking this song from tops typical,


Elohim brings out inner emotions of darkness in “Skinny Legs”

Anonymous artist Elohim is defined as “a name for God used frequently in the Hebrew Bible.” It isn’t just a


MOWUKIS releases first animated music video for “Animals Used to Scare”

French songwriter Louis-Louise Kay known as MOWUKIS, releases his first music video for “Animals Used To Scare.” Directed by Titouan


Vivienxo creates a flush of break-up emotions in single “TTYN”

It’s refreshing how Russian-born Victoria Zolotukhina, or Vivienxo, is approaching her newest single “TTYN.” This electronic-pop track, co-produced by Femme


The School Book Depository creates music that speaks for itself in “A Fork In The Road For Behavioral Science”

Swedish musician and songwriter Fredrik Solfors aka The School Book Depository writes his musical creations with a motto to embrace