Cindy teases debut album with stunning cuts “2y & 6m” and “Never Let Me Go”

“2y & 6m” and “Never Let Me Go” are taken from Cindy‘s debut album, I’m Cindy, out July 3 on Antwerp-based label World Of Paint.

Who exactly is Cindy Savalas? For the past few months, there’s been a consistent buzz around this enigmatic figure. But Cindy’s story goes all the way back to 2015 when she appeared on Kai Hugo’s self-titled album as Palmbomen II. Hugo became entranced with Savalas, and devoted his time to fully fleshing out this character. She needed a backstory, and he gave her one with his 2018’s album Memories of Cindy. But that wasn’t enough. She also needed her own voice, needed to be heard simply as Cindy, and to tell her own story.

And that’s where we arrive at I’m Cindy, the lost album by Cindy Savalas, now scheduled for release next week on World of Paint. First shared in May, lead single “2y & 6m” was our first stepping stone to her new story. It’s a hypnotic electropop track, one that takes a leaf out of Prince’s book just to rewrite it through an Italo lens. Equally important as the music, if not more, is the other-worldly valley aesthetics the whole project is draped in. This is particularly true of “2y & 6m” and its music video, which looks like a lost, horror-inspìred videogame for the Playstation 2.

The same thing rings true for the latest single “Never Let Me Go”, a disco-influenced song for the uncanniest club on Earth. Most of the song is simply Cindy singing its title over and over, less as a plead and more as a cult mantra. Its video doubles down on the whole cult theory, every single image oozing out a suspiciously immaculate white. It’s not too far-fetched to think that the song takes its title from Kazuo Ishiguro’s equally culty novel “Never Let Me Go”. Will that be a clue to help us unearth Cindy’s mystery? We´ll find out next week with I’m Cindy.

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