Crack Cloud finds freedom in exile on “Ouster Stew”

“Ouster Stew” is taken from Crack Cloud‘s upcoming album, PAIN OLYMPICS, out July 17 on Meat Machine.

Our favourite Vancouver collective is back with a bang. Always good for a colorful, larger-than-life production to accompany their music, Crack Cloud delivers in spades yet again with their latest production, “OUSTER STEW”. Punk in spirit, yet jittery, funky, and fun in practice, the group’s unflinching attitude and uncrushable spirit are as apparent on this one as ever.

We’ve talked a little before about Crack Cloud’s driving philosophies. Operating on the frontlines of Canada’s opioid crisis, the collective exists to be a safe haven for its members, with that sense of community coming through as tangible as ever on “OUSTER STEW”.

There’s a sense of contrast to the track, both musically and visually. Bouncy, lighthearted, even poppy, the peppy guitar-and-keys instrumentation sets the stage for frontman and lyricist Zach Choy’s half-playful, half-biting delivery. His lyrics always have a tinge of manifesto-like feel to them and, in the case of “OUSTER STEW”, we see a song of ex-communication and the freedom that comes with it – a perfect match to that punky, funky vibe that’s fully realized by the post-apocalyptic, revolutionary video running the gamut from choreographed dances to beheadings.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Crack Cloud’s debut LP Pain Olympics since we first came across them, and this new track brings us one step closer to the finish line. Watch the amazing visuals of “OUSTER STEW” and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.

Jonathan Vilardi