Kelela – Hallucinogen


Hallucinogen is finally out. Two years after her debut LP « Cut For Me », Kelela’s new EP is finally available.
 A Six-track EP produced by Arca and Kingdom. You will hear a Kelela who’s experimenting, merging with the universe of those new producers, but still keeping her signature of R&B.

Awaited and expected in May, unfortunately rescheduled to October 9, it was worthy to wait! Her love for the immersive introductions, which directly acclimatize you to the song, is still remaining. Nevertheless, there’s a shadow wrapping most of the tracks, Giving them a darker side. Kelela is heart-opened, showing her desires and her fights all in sensuality. She is also carrying her sincerity and soul throughout the songs while staying true to herself.

Arca who’s really involved in most of the songs, sometimes helped by Boots, enables Kelela to play between universes, to fill the atmosphere by using a multiple range of voices adding up to each other like in “A Message. The Venezuelan producer who’s in a real expansion managed to capture the soul and the spirit of the singer to unite with his own talent, creating tracks like “The High” that finally have both identities.

Then with Kingdom, Kelela puts aside the abstraction and focus on more up-tempo tracks like “Rewind”. Vulnerability and emotions are present in “All The Way Down”, and always sound truly authentic.

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