Molly Burch joins forces with Tennis, releases “Heart of Gold”

“Heart of Gold” is taken from Molly Burch‘s new album, Romantic Images, out July 23 via Captured Tracks.

Molly Burch is readying the release of her third album Romantic Images. The Austin singer-songwriter has been slowly leaving her folk roots behind her and moving towards glossy and slick indie pop. Now she’s venturing even further in that direction: Romantic Images has been produced by Tennis and features a collaboration with Wild Nothing. What we’ve heard of the album so far has a lot to do with what these two acts have been releasing lately: bright pop songs that take the idea behind late-60s and 70s pop and present it with a carefully-crafted modern polish.

Burch’s new single “Heart of Gold” is her best attempt at this sound so far. It’s a focused pop song, propelled by its tight rhythm section and scarce in its arrangements other than the odd reverb-laden guitar line. All the song’s efforts are devoted to elevating its absolute earworm of a chorus, and this it successfully achieves: “Heart of Gold” is her catchiest single to date, and it might be the best too.

Burch has also put out a cottagecore-inspired video for the song, featuring a bare-chested man with an axe and an outrageously cute baby goat. Does it go well with the song? Not really, but will you please look at that goat?