Quelle Rox’s bilingual “Space Parade” is the trip we all need right now

Quelle Rox‘s new single “Space Parade” is out today.

We are happy to premiere Quelle Rox’s new single “Space Parade”. Based in Brooklyn and of Puerto Rican and Cuban origin, Quelle has spent the last couple of years putting out suggestive stand-alone singles. Now, she is getting ready to take it to the next level and release her debut EP, tentatively out by the end of the year. Her music is decidedly electronic and psychedelic, though Quelle also takes her cues from genres as disparate as trap or classic rock – a bombastic guitar line might suddenly come out of nowhere and eclipse an 808-type beat.

Quelle Rox’s music has been overtly sexual and blunt in the past – take her August single “Miss Ya Body”, where she explicitly reversed the male gaze –, but her new single “Space Parade” represents a step back of sorts in that regard. Rather like her early single “Cosmic Gloom”, “Space Parade” is a trippier and more subdued affair, built upon an inviting bassline asking you to just get carried away and find peace in our surroundings. “Space Parade” is the kind of song you want to listen to at night-time – it comes as no surprise that it was written after a mind-expanding experience at a music festival. The trance Quelle Rox puts you in is so powerful that it’s even hard to miss that she suddenly starts singing in Spanish, manifesting the multi-layered identity that she has carefully constructed throughout her short career.

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