Erika de Casier Essentials album review

Erika de Casier – “Essentials”

Erika de Casier‘s debut album Essentials is out on Independent Jeep Music. Shedding off the excess is just as important

070 Shake Nice to Have

070 Shake meets a floral demise in new video for “Nice to Have”

070 Shake‘s new track, “Nice To Have”, is out now. Anyone who loves music knows that it has the ability

Crack Cloud Crackin Up video pain olympic

Crack Cloud get enticingly insane on “CRACKIN UP”

Crack Cloud‘s new track, “CRACKIN UP,” is taken from their Pain Olympic series. In May, we found ourselves impressed with

Justin Christopher - Dive - Static video

Justin Christopher invites us outside with double-feature “Dive/Static”

Justin Christopher‘s “Dive” and “Static” are out today on FortheLost. A true citizen of the world, Justin Christopher has spent

Joe Saan Lavender and Sage

Joe Saan depicts a warm-hued summer romance in “Lavender & Sage”

Joe Saan‘s self-released new single, “Lavender & Sage,” is out now. Sparkly guitars, lush self-harmonies, and sultry lyrics set the

Pandaraps Sometimes I eat when I feel Bored

Queer rapper Pandaraps rises and shines with “flapjacks” and “kornflakes”

Pandaraps‘ sophomore EP, Sometimes I Eat When I Feel Bored, is out on Friday. Queer, Bay Area based rapper Pandaraps

Crack Cloud The Next Fix video

Crack Cloud share colorful elegy about drug addiction: “The Next Fix”

The “The Next Fix” video is the first part of the PAIN OLYMPICS series, made DIY by the Crack Cloud

Cupcakke Cupcake Cum Cake review artwork

CupcakKe – “Cum Cake”

CupcakKe‘s debut mixtape Cum Cake was self-released in 2016. Even experienced CupcakKe listeners are liable to have their jaw dropped