Empress of – Woman Is A Word

After dropping last year the incredible “Me” which contains our favorite track of 2015How Do You Do It“, Empress Of just unveiled a track that was supposed to be in that album that was worth sharing after a while. Check here “Woman Is A Word”

It is sadly already news that sexism is an issue that not only is very real in the musical scene but also everywhere in our daily lives. Female artists have then decided to use their voice and their voice to protest against it. From Grimes, to Björk or Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES used the media to express their concerns about it as female artists, or as Rosie Lowe who used music with her track “Woman” and now, Empress Of with her feminist track “Woman Is A Word”. She said over her Facebook about it :

I’m so happy to share an unreleased track from my album today. This song means so much to me. I wrote it as a reaction to feeling like the word “woman” put me in a box of things I was capable to do.

This track is released just after Darkstar unveiled their collaboration with Empress Of for their track “Reformer” that should be out in Darkstar‘s EP that should be out soon.